August 26, 2010

My list for the 'Ard Boyz dealie...

28- Skinks-- 140                              Salamander-- 75
Full command-- 24               
3 Kroxigors-- 165                            Salamander-- 75   
Total cost: 329 Pts.
                                                        Ancient Steggadon-- 275
20 Saurus Warriors-- 220
Spears-- 20                   
Full Command-- 30               
Total cost: 271 Pts.
                                                        Skink Priest-- 65
29 Saurus Warriors-- 319                Lv 2. Mage-- 35
Full Command-- 30                         Engine of the Gods--290
Total Cost: 349 Pts.                         Dispel Scroll-- 25
 3 Terradons-- 90                            
5 Chameleon Skinks-- 60                  Saurus Oldblood-- 140
                                                         Shield-- 6
5 Chameleon Skinks-- 60                  Crown of Command-35
                                                         Gamblers Armor-- 20
Temple Guard-- 224                          Piranha Blade-- 35
Full Command--  35                           Total Cost: 236 Pts.
Total cost: 259 Pts.                         
                                                      Slann-- 275
                                                      Focus of Mystery--0
                                                      The Focused Rumination--50
                                                      The Becalming Cogitation--50
                                                      Army Standard--25
                                                      Cup of the Old Ones--45
                                                      Total cost:  Pts.
Core: 948
Special: 469
Rare: 425
Heroes: 425
Lords: 731

Total: 2998 Pts.
Breaking Point: 3
Fortitude:  7

The Slann uses the Lore of Life and the Skink Priest uses the Lore of the Heavens.

I know, I know.... this list is for 'ard boyz? You must be asking yourself.... "Where's the Cheese?"
No, this list does not contain a double Slann. Nor, is it a Stegga-stampede. It's a nice balanced list with all the units that I am comfortable playing with. I won't lie, there are a few things I'd like to change, but funds and time are an issue right now.  It may be 'ard boyz and all, but I'm not going field unpainted minis just to win a silly tourney game.

Once you start down the dark path of unpainted minis, forever will they dominate your destiny.........


Rhellion said...

Looks good! Honestly anything with the Slaan in it will compete. I'm not a fan of the ranked Skinks with Kroxigor, and Temple Guard are VERY expensive, but go with what you know.

zealot said...

"Once you start down the dark path of unpainted minis, forever will they dominate your destiny......... "

lol I laughed outloud!

Nuclear said...

Your slann is over costed. Reread the discipline costs. You may take 3 for 100, not take a 3rd for 100. Each discipline after the first only costs 50 pts.

As for the rest of the list, wouldn't the spears be better off in the larger unit to make better use of the larger frontage, if it will have it, or to protect the 3rd rank from being dropped faster and loosing attacks?

maybe its just he list, but the temple guard aren't priced right. I think you meant 14 TG at 224? though I suppose as long as the total is correct, it will be ok.

Life seed is the 6+ regen right? That only effects the priest I think, so with 2W, not that great. I'd drop it for something else, giving you 60 pts with the correctly priced slann.

Might I suggest the standard of discipline for the slann-15 pts gives him ld 10, and the TG don't use his inspiring presence because he is in the unit, so that doesn't matter. Gives everything in 12" rerollable ld 10. Then to round out the 60 free pts, the armor piercing banner for the TG will make them really nasty.

Larry said...
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Larry said...

Nuclear: The temple guard is a typo, and I only Have 20 spears. The best I could do is steal a rank from the other unit....

I no clue on what to spend 60 pts on, but Nuclear your are awesome!

Thank you for finding that oversight. I'm going to rework the list on last time and fix that.

Consider the advise taken and thanks again for taking time to look at my list.

Rhellion: Man your right, skinks are not the best, but I love the way the unit looks.

zealot:All I have to say is... Dan