August 27, 2010

My List for the 'Ard Boys dealie.... Pt.2

28- Skinks-- 140               
Full command-- 24               
3 Kroxigors-- 165     (T.Cost:329 Pts.)               
20 Saurus Warriors-- 220
Spears-- 20                   
Full Command-- 30   (T.Cost: 270 Pts)               
29 Saurus Warriors-- 319           
Full Command-- 30  (T. Cost: 349 Pts.)                
3 Terradons-- 90        
6 Chameleon Skinks-- 72                       
6 Chameleon Skinks-- 72           

Temple Guard-- 224
Full Command-- 35  (T. Cost :259)                   

Ancient Steggadon-- 275
Salamander-- 75   
Salamander-- 75

Slann-- 275
Focus of Mystery--0
The Focused Rumination--50
The Becalming Cogitation--50
Army Standard--25
Standard of Discipline-15
Cup of the Old Ones--45
Bane Head -15   ( T. Cost: 475 Pts. )

Saurus Oldblood-- 140
Shield-- 6
Crown of Command-35
Gamblers Armor-- 20
Piranha Blade-- 35    (T. cost: 236 Pts.)

Skink Priest-- 65
Lv 2. Mage-- 35
Engine of the Gods--290
Dispel Scroll-- 25 
Iron curse Icon--5   (T. cost: 420)                       

The Slann uses the Lore of Life and the Skink uses the Lore of the Heavens.
Core: 948    Special: 493    Rare: 425    Heroes: 420    Lords: 711
Total: 2997 Pts.

Okay, we will try this again. After a bit of an oversight on my part. I had to revise the list a little. I added two more skinks to the scout units and  two more magic items to the Slann. One was the Banner of Discipline, as suggested by Nuclear.... Thank you, sir.

The other was the Bane Head. I saw in the Lizzie F.A.Q, that the Miscast wounds are doubled by the curse. So, if I bump off a Miscast with my cup, the said Wizard will take double wounds, if any from the chart. It's not a game winning strategy, but it will give the other guy something to think about.

I'm also trying to make up some spell counter to help me remember all that stuff. If I get 'em done in time, I'll try to post them up.

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