August 05, 2010

Mordheim rebuilt pt. 12

It is done and it's very heavy for a building made out of foam, plastic, and balsa wood. The Floors took forever. The amount of time it took build this monster, makes me question my drive to construct two more? Realistically, I'm starting to run out of the plastic bricks and windows. It may be better to just build one and start on my statues and other side projects.


This makes the 15th building for the Mordheim set. If... I've done my job right, it should be very difficult set-up the same table twice.  I also made up two bridges to add to the collection bringing the total up to 8. That's one for each pair of ruins plus one extra. On a side note, we finally have started playing some test runs to help smooth out rules. It's going to take a few games till the rust shakes off and we start up our little campaign.


Tristan said...

I'd vote for more bridge like structures.

zealot said...

Yeah just a few more bridges would be awesome.

I was privileged enough to play on this table this week. Rediculous is the only word that comes to mind. This is mordheim to the T.