August 01, 2010

Mordheim rebuilt pt. 11

It's been real slow the past few days around here. My daughter's lab-top died on Friday and I've spent the last two days trying to bring it back to life. The problem is beyond my limited understanding of the "Thinking Machine" and  it's time to send to problem to someone else. After slaving away on my failed endeavor, I don't have much to show off....

 This is the start of my last three building for the table. I wanted to add some scale to overall look of the table, so naturally the buildings are going to be bigger. The new one just towers over everything that I have constructed so far. It's only one story taller, but does it make a difference. I'm hoping to have this one finished by the end of next week.

This is my collection of bitz to decorate the all building once everything is complete. I still have all the fun Empire bitz to add to the pile. It's going to take forever to glue and paint all this stuff on to the buildings, but I think the extra detail will make the buildings even better.

This one is just for fun.


Karitas said...

excellent pile 'o' bitz :)

aqnd man, what IS that thing?!

Larry said...

It used to be for my 40k demon army, but I scraped that idea awhile ago. Now it just sit on my self looking scary. I'll probably use it for a nasty monster sometime during some of the upcoming games.