July 26, 2009

Paint scheme for my Wood Elves

Thought I'd share my color pallet for this project with our readers. I'd also like to mention how much I enjoy using GW's new washes. Devlan Mud does about everything and all of them seem to have a just about perfect pigment to water ratio.

July 25, 2009

Share your workspace (or workspace tricks)

You know how people share workspaces on lifehacker? I thought it'd be a cool idea to share our workspaces (however 'neat' or 'messy' they may be) and comment on what works for us. Recently I moved into a new place with an odd feature. I have a small spare room off of my main bedroom that I managed to fit a twin bed into. Being an avid producer (check out my music here) and hobbyist I needed to find a way to make room for both digital and analog projects, but I still wanted it to be a space to hang out (considering the bed is out of the picture as it is and we don't have a living room per say).
I found my answer in a couch/table combo that serves as a desk and a comfortable spot to listen to some music or watch a movie. I can slide the monitor over and the keyboard back when it comes time to get into some painting or modeling. After I'm done I can quickly pack away my organizers that hold my tools, supplies, and bits into my closet.
I want to invite all my readers and fellow FTW members to share your workspaces, or workspace tricks, in the comments section. Even better make a post on your blog and link over to it.

Pictures of my Explorator Magos

Over the next few weeks or months I'll be sharing some pictures of my Adeptus Mechanicus force with my readers. For this first round, I present to you my counts-as "Commissar Yarrick" (and Explorator Magos). This conversion comes entirely from my bits box... makes me realize how deep its gotten. Let me know what you think of him!

Pictures of my Dryads

Pictures of my Noble

July 22, 2009

A pic of a dryad and some thoughts...

Well, I've been pretty busy with the rl stuff but I did manage to finish a unit of dryads. (apologies for the pic quality. I'm in a new place and need to get a little spot with some paper set up again) I've got 4 units and 2 characters to go and Larry and I can play our first fully painted game of Fantasy... better pics soon.

July 18, 2009

Flying Circus...

Okay I won't lie... The paint brush has been kind of all over the past few days. This never bothers me much. As long as the Paint is flowing it will add up in the end. My progress on the Flying Dino Unit is slow. They are bit of pain to assemble, but after some patience and allot of glue we have them all put together. Fiddlely Things....

So during the glue and frustration, I picked up the wave serpent again. In a vain attempt to correct the failed "Rubber-band Experiment." I put some more work on the model. I Don't like it, but when I compare it to the Falcon. It's all right...there's always simple green, but repainting the whole thing just is not happening right now.

July 15, 2009

Shifting Gears...

Sometime in the near future, I'll post up the 1,000 Pts. Space Marine list along with a little family photo of everything that I ended up painting for the project. Right now, i'm taking them on a few test runs to see how they fair on the table top. Results have been mixed, so wish me luck...

Meanwhile.... Wanna see my Lizard men? I spent the weekend finishing up the Skinks and touching up any damage on some of the older paint. As a added bonus... I found the time to break my second Dinosaur off the sprue. The Evil and cheesy Death-star Dino is on the way....

This army was to be my second project on the blog after the The Eldar army, but I got distracted by my squid-men. Mr. Zealot has begun work on his tree-huggers... so i thought, what a better time to finish off what's left of the army. I promise to return to the 40k. end of things soon. It's just a question what to do when we get back.

July 12, 2009

Command squad Pt. 2

Here a little work in progress on the command squad. Some detail work here and there and they should be ready to fry up some tanks. Don't they just cry for a Razorback Transport to roll around in... Hopefully I'll be done with them soon.

Meanwhile my Unhealthy addiction to Games Workshop's goofy looking jungle trees remains unchecked. The collection grows...

July 11, 2009

Stop in the name of the ....

Okay, this is a real simple one that you can make out all the left over missile launcher arms you find in the Tactical box. Simply find a arm that pointed out. I used the a plasma pistol arm and cut it off at the wrist. Next I took the hand off that braces launcher. With a little glue...presto! Your battle psyker is doing the " I zap you...."

Time to put this project to rest and paint something cool. No offence to you marine fans.

July 10, 2009

Command Squad

Here we have my heavy hitters for the army. The squad is kitted out to deal with any hard targets and other unpleasantness we may have to deal with. 2 Melta's and power fist should do the trick. They can lurk behind one of the advancing combat squad for a bit of cover and cause all sorts of havoc when the time is right.

July 09, 2009

Fire power!

Over the past day or so I've tried to put the brush on this project for two very good reasons. For one, i would like to start playing with the newbies so, i can get that ball rolling. Two... After finishing the terminators. I want more...just 5 more...that was not part of the plan when i was scraping mold lines like a crazy all last week.

While the paint has been dry'n. I took a deep breath and dove into the depths of the bits box looking for any marines that may not been assembled. In the end I found 7 or 8 marines and allot of combi-weapons! However, i don't' know what to do with them? I could make an all-star team of Sergent's and special weapons for the Tac. squads or construct some veterans.

July 08, 2009

It's for the twins..

Put the finishing touches up on the dread and wrapped up the First of the 10 man tactical squad. I even had some time to throw some paint on the captain too. I like the way everything is turning out considering how little time i have put in the models. All that needs done is the bases.

If I had to be trap'd on a Island with only ONE box set to paint forever and ever. Which one would it be....? Terminators! That right kids... even if these are the Black Reach ones...they are just pure awesome. They make me miss all the ones I recklessly E-bayed last summer.

July 07, 2009

And they shall know paint

Work continues on the Marines.... 20 Black Reach and this "Starter" Army should be good to go. I can't help but, to be tempted by the scout box set. Never painted the plastic ones...yet. Nothing fancy on the tactical Squads. The "rotting flesh" tone really stands out on the table and seems to love the new washes as much as I do.

I could not help myself but to jazz up the Dread just a bit. I wanted it to be in line with the one that Mr. Z painted. So I added some Exhaust ports on the back... a few little bitz like the skull icon on top. Most of the parts came from the city of death sprue.

Just a side note... Much thanks to the guys at Bell of Lost Souls for lett'n me in the club. You guys are super! If the Kid and Games Workshop would stop stealing all my money. I'd try to come roll dice with ya' in August.

July 06, 2009

I'm back...

Long time, no post. After wasting the past month or so on my second favorite hobby...Females. I return to the blog sphere... when will this old man learn just to hide in the garage and paint models? Likely never.... lousy stoopid biological compulsions.

Anyways back to the 40k front... after a terrible outing of the with my Hurd/demon list I have shelved the army until i get in the mood to do all the detail work that is left. Thanks to those who left a comment on the project. Your awesome! Now please excuse, my current work... is not my fault. I'm a Xenos player always have been and always will be.

However I recently come into a very small Space Marine army ( Thanks. Mr. Z... I think.) With the add fact the price increase caused me to go grab a starter box I've wanted for a while ( Horay for Green Templates). So now enjoy a small and quick space marine project. Why am i painting marines if I have such a strong distaste for them.

I plan in the near future on introducing the game to a few new recruits and i can't think of better intro to 40k then the space ass's. Incase you can't tell by the title of the blog. Unpainted Models are not an option. I'll probelly build 1,000 or 1,500 and call it quits. Now the trick is to match the paint scheme and make this important vow. After 20 years of painting this will be the last Space Marines I'll ever paint!