July 25, 2009

Share your workspace (or workspace tricks)

You know how people share workspaces on lifehacker? I thought it'd be a cool idea to share our workspaces (however 'neat' or 'messy' they may be) and comment on what works for us. Recently I moved into a new place with an odd feature. I have a small spare room off of my main bedroom that I managed to fit a twin bed into. Being an avid producer (check out my music here) and hobbyist I needed to find a way to make room for both digital and analog projects, but I still wanted it to be a space to hang out (considering the bed is out of the picture as it is and we don't have a living room per say).
I found my answer in a couch/table combo that serves as a desk and a comfortable spot to listen to some music or watch a movie. I can slide the monitor over and the keyboard back when it comes time to get into some painting or modeling. After I'm done I can quickly pack away my organizers that hold my tools, supplies, and bits into my closet.
I want to invite all my readers and fellow FTW members to share your workspaces, or workspace tricks, in the comments section. Even better make a post on your blog and link over to it.


Jonathan said...

Within the last 6 months, I've separated my painting area from my prep area. While I understand not everyone has the space for something like this, it's important to think about all the dust and detritus modeling generates while we clip plastic pieces, file away mold lines from metal minis, and tear apart models for conversion. All that stuff ends up in your painting area, and it's quite easy to ruin a nice paint job when a few specks of dust land on wet paint!

Dverning said...

I quite agree! Enough that I'd already posted on it... http://40kmaunderings.blogspot.com/2009/07/whats-in-your-workspace.html