July 09, 2009

Fire power!

Over the past day or so I've tried to put the brush on this project for two very good reasons. For one, i would like to start playing with the newbies so, i can get that ball rolling. Two... After finishing the terminators. I want more...just 5 more...that was not part of the plan when i was scraping mold lines like a crazy all last week.

While the paint has been dry'n. I took a deep breath and dove into the depths of the bits box looking for any marines that may not been assembled. In the end I found 7 or 8 marines and allot of combi-weapons! However, i don't' know what to do with them? I could make an all-star team of Sergent's and special weapons for the Tac. squads or construct some veterans.

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Anonymous said...

Sternguard vets.
My friend and I did some trial runs - equal paints stern guards vs equal points Khorne bezerkers - Special ammo rocks. We did 5 on 5 Started with Kraken 30" range - moved to Hellfire. Killed all Bezerkers - gave him another 5 closer - dead bezerkers - gave him 5 more bezerkers and a rhino added a missile launcher to Stern Guard - Bezerkers got into hand two hand both sides got wiped out only thing left was Rhino.
Did the same thing with Thousand sons - Ummm well thousand sons won - their special ammo is better.