July 07, 2009

And they shall know paint

Work continues on the Marines.... 20 Black Reach and this "Starter" Army should be good to go. I can't help but, to be tempted by the scout box set. Never painted the plastic ones...yet. Nothing fancy on the tactical Squads. The "rotting flesh" tone really stands out on the table and seems to love the new washes as much as I do.

I could not help myself but to jazz up the Dread just a bit. I wanted it to be in line with the one that Mr. Z painted. So I added some Exhaust ports on the back... a few little bitz like the skull icon on top. Most of the parts came from the city of death sprue.

Just a side note... Much thanks to the guys at Bell of Lost Souls for lett'n me in the club. You guys are super! If the Kid and Games Workshop would stop stealing all my money. I'd try to come roll dice with ya' in August.

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