June 24, 2009

New Fantasy blog..

Scroll Caddy - when 40k veterans start Fantasy. I'll be posting my Wood Elves and any other WHFB related stuff over there w/Larry from 'Paint Your Toys'.

June 23, 2009


Thought I'd get a first post in here to get the ball rolling. I go by zealot and I've been involved with the Warhammer 40,000 hobby for about 9 years. My partner in square-based crime is Larry, who's been in the hobby since Rogue Trader. We've played 40k regularly for years but never much Fantasy.

I got back from being out of state last year and Larry had painted not one but two fantasy armies. (Dark Elves and Lizardmen if you're wondering.) I've gotten my first thousand points of Wood Elves together and they're currently awaiting some decent primer. (Our local shop can't keep stuff in stock to save his life.) I'll try to keep the caddy quill fresh as I venture through painting my new investment.

I'm sure we'll post lots of pictures of what we're working on, but we're approaching this from a different perspective. Hopefully, as we get more into the game, we're going to post our thoughts in the hopes veteran Fantasy players can pipe in and help inform or encourage us as far as some of the intricacies of the game go. :)

June 14, 2009

Changed my list...

Well after a few games i feel the need to change the 1,000. List. Not cause I'm gett'n tabled just about every game. More for the reason, that when it was built. It was made of what I had painted or constructed. Over the past weeks the number of minis have grown (slowly) and it's time to make a list with some teeth.

Fate weaver -333

10 Plague Bearers with Icon -175

5 Horrors with bolt -95 (x2 = 190)

6 Horrors with changeling -107

3 Flamers -105

2 Blood Crushers with instrument -85

7 Kill Points
4 scoring units

What has change... is we lost the Masque and cut down on some Horrors. The points were used up to get the Flamers and Blood-Crushers. I hope the cheesy Flamers will raise some concerns to help take some heat off Fate Weaver. The Crushers are there to have a assault unit. The last list did not have a single dedicated close combat unit. If I continue to roll 2's for my Waves I can use 'em as a lance.

Which I must admit my last game did... finally happen. Yes, it true!

Out of 7 games with my Hurd. I roll a 3+ for deployment. First Time...Whoo Hooo!

Only to have Fate Weaver get blasted in face ( 2nd Turn) and call'n it quits after losing a single wound. Yup.... lost that game too.

June 13, 2009

Space Clowns

When the Eldar speed project came to a end. Mr. Ilg took it upon himself to help out with the cause. At the time I did one of my famous White paint/Black wash paint jobs and a quick Dry Brush.( The jester is how most of the unit looked) Nothin'n too fancy.

The Harlequins are simply models you can paint forever and ever. At the time the resurrection of the army was a higher priority. Enter Mr. Ilg.... The idea of black/white Harlie's must have been too much for the old Farseer.

I guess?A week or so later he returned with 15 brightly painted clowns. The Power Fist guy is my fav.

June 11, 2009

Hrud progress report

Over the past week or so it comes down to two choices... when it comes to my free time. Paint or Blog. So... the paint brush wins. The conspiracy to stop from finishing the army is making good on it's plans. The schedule of getting to my Lizardman army before Planet Strike may not happen.

I had my squids out in the sun light and took a few pictures. Most of the stuff I post is late at nite, so the flash robs the models of allot of it's color, but hey what are you going to do? On the other hand, I have played a few more games with Chaos Demon Codex and yet to roll that 3+ for the first wave. My losing streak continues.

Dice... got to love 'em.

June 05, 2009

Hrudian Phase Crawler

All I can say is this guy is really red. Some detail work here and there needs done. Not to sure on "where" to break up all that Red, but a solid purple/black wash might be nice. Then again, I do keep reading about wonders of the Devlan Mud. It's spires and face tendrils will get a bit attention before we call it quits.

It counts as "Z. D. Prince" with Iron Hide, Master of Sorcery, Bolt, and Demonic gaze. At the 1,500 Pts build...I wish it could Fly, but the cost is so much. Right now I struggle with drop'in a single Flamer and the Gaze, so I can get the monster up close at whim. It's not a total Bad @$$, but against the right units or severely weaken baddies. It should do just fine. If my army as any glaring weakness... We are very slow after the drop.

June 04, 2009

Curses...Foiled again.

I'm telling right now... I think it's a conspiracy! Just about everything and anything seems to be getting in the way of me painting over the past few days. By no means have I given up on the project, but I was hopefull that this would be a little further along. Oh well..

I have had the chance to take the army list on few test runs over the past week or so. The results are... not good. The Demon list is very random by nature and my dice are less than average. Lets put this way... out the Two games, I have yet to roll for my chosen wave of Hrud Monsters. Later I am going out to practice rolling a 3+, cause... I suck. To top that Fate Weaver held out on me until the 4th Turn in the 5 turn game vrs. the Eldar... again,not so good.

On a more positive note, The Changeling in the First pic up above has been just amazing. The first game he tricked some Gurd Veterans into pop'n a near by Demolisher tank. In the last game, the vile trickster used some guardians to blast away on Dire Avengers and Warp Spiders. Forcing the squad to hold it's fire for the next few turns. Just 5 points and Just wrong.