June 11, 2009

Hrud progress report

Over the past week or so it comes down to two choices... when it comes to my free time. Paint or Blog. So... the paint brush wins. The conspiracy to stop from finishing the army is making good on it's plans. The schedule of getting to my Lizardman army before Planet Strike may not happen.

I had my squids out in the sun light and took a few pictures. Most of the stuff I post is late at nite, so the flash robs the models of allot of it's color, but hey what are you going to do? On the other hand, I have played a few more games with Chaos Demon Codex and yet to roll that 3+ for the first wave. My losing streak continues.

Dice... got to love 'em.


Ken Watson said...

Wow, dude, they're looking terrific. It's been about a year that you've been working on these guys, yes? At any rate, I'm glad that you're finally getting some game play out of them (even if you are being cursed by The Wicked Gods of the Dice).

zealot said...

heresy! he beat me last week. 3 horrors on his objective in a cap n control

but yeah when you get that drop i dont know what im gonna do...