June 14, 2009

Changed my list...

Well after a few games i feel the need to change the 1,000. List. Not cause I'm gett'n tabled just about every game. More for the reason, that when it was built. It was made of what I had painted or constructed. Over the past weeks the number of minis have grown (slowly) and it's time to make a list with some teeth.

Fate weaver -333

10 Plague Bearers with Icon -175

5 Horrors with bolt -95 (x2 = 190)

6 Horrors with changeling -107

3 Flamers -105

2 Blood Crushers with instrument -85

7 Kill Points
4 scoring units

What has change... is we lost the Masque and cut down on some Horrors. The points were used up to get the Flamers and Blood-Crushers. I hope the cheesy Flamers will raise some concerns to help take some heat off Fate Weaver. The Crushers are there to have a assault unit. The last list did not have a single dedicated close combat unit. If I continue to roll 2's for my Waves I can use 'em as a lance.

Which I must admit my last game did... finally happen. Yes, it true!

Out of 7 games with my Hurd. I roll a 3+ for deployment. First Time...Whoo Hooo!

Only to have Fate Weaver get blasted in face ( 2nd Turn) and call'n it quits after losing a single wound. Yup.... lost that game too.

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