June 05, 2009

Hrudian Phase Crawler

All I can say is this guy is really red. Some detail work here and there needs done. Not to sure on "where" to break up all that Red, but a solid purple/black wash might be nice. Then again, I do keep reading about wonders of the Devlan Mud. It's spires and face tendrils will get a bit attention before we call it quits.

It counts as "Z. D. Prince" with Iron Hide, Master of Sorcery, Bolt, and Demonic gaze. At the 1,500 Pts build...I wish it could Fly, but the cost is so much. Right now I struggle with drop'in a single Flamer and the Gaze, so I can get the monster up close at whim. It's not a total Bad @$$, but against the right units or severely weaken baddies. It should do just fine. If my army as any glaring weakness... We are very slow after the drop.

1 comment:

zealot said...

he's dead tonight! boom!

(after last time..)