June 23, 2009


Thought I'd get a first post in here to get the ball rolling. I go by zealot and I've been involved with the Warhammer 40,000 hobby for about 9 years. My partner in square-based crime is Larry, who's been in the hobby since Rogue Trader. We've played 40k regularly for years but never much Fantasy.

I got back from being out of state last year and Larry had painted not one but two fantasy armies. (Dark Elves and Lizardmen if you're wondering.) I've gotten my first thousand points of Wood Elves together and they're currently awaiting some decent primer. (Our local shop can't keep stuff in stock to save his life.) I'll try to keep the caddy quill fresh as I venture through painting my new investment.

I'm sure we'll post lots of pictures of what we're working on, but we're approaching this from a different perspective. Hopefully, as we get more into the game, we're going to post our thoughts in the hopes veteran Fantasy players can pipe in and help inform or encourage us as far as some of the intricacies of the game go. :)

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