June 04, 2009

Curses...Foiled again.

I'm telling right now... I think it's a conspiracy! Just about everything and anything seems to be getting in the way of me painting over the past few days. By no means have I given up on the project, but I was hopefull that this would be a little further along. Oh well..

I have had the chance to take the army list on few test runs over the past week or so. The results are... not good. The Demon list is very random by nature and my dice are less than average. Lets put this way... out the Two games, I have yet to roll for my chosen wave of Hrud Monsters. Later I am going out to practice rolling a 3+, cause... I suck. To top that Fate Weaver held out on me until the 4th Turn in the 5 turn game vrs. the Eldar... again,not so good.

On a more positive note, The Changeling in the First pic up above has been just amazing. The first game he tricked some Gurd Veterans into pop'n a near by Demolisher tank. In the last game, the vile trickster used some guardians to blast away on Dire Avengers and Warp Spiders. Forcing the squad to hold it's fire for the next few turns. Just 5 points and Just wrong.

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