October 12, 2009

The Last Ork

If I decide to commit myself to the underempire, this ole' boy maybe the last one I paint for long time. He was gift over 10 years ago and I never got around to putting the thing together. There's little conversion work, as you can see. Some of the bitz were lost in the warp long ago.

He's not the very last ork. I have the "tub of shame" where all my rogue trader orks are resting.


The Lord of Excess said...

Ah the venerable High Kommanda himself ... I'm actually working on him as well. Your tub of shame cracks me up ... I have a load and a half of old 2nd ed orks too that were never painted or painted poorly ... I just acumulated them over the years with lots of other bitz and ebay and game con grab bag buys, etc. For quite some time I've thought about trying to put together a cohesive list with them and paint them up just for fun and nostalgia. Coincidentally my old Skaven have been calling to me as well ... best of luck with Ghazghkull Thraka and the Skaven :)

Chi3f said...

tub o shame nice.

That's the nice thing about playing CD, you can just turn bitz into nurgle fodder :)

Larry said...

Mine were painted very poorly... I was like 11 at time! I get that nagging feeling, that i should paint them up every now and again. There's like 25 of the buggers in the "tub".