February 13, 2011

What to do about Mandrakes?

In last weekend’s post, I mentioned something about Jet Bikes, but the local stores were not cooperating. Unfortunately, I could only snag one box of bikes because that’s all they had in stock.  After that little set back, I decided to paint something else.  This week’s efforts yielded the Mandrakes.

Like most of community, I've pondering the overall worth of this unit. Even if they aren’t outstanding on the table, they do add the element of paranoia that all outflanking units do.There is always that risk of the maneuver backfiring, but the enemy should be scrambling after the Portal comes into effect. Mandrakes seem like a unit of opportunity. Taking advantage of weak deployments, disrupting strong zones or helping out with your own aggressive set-up; these are the strengths of the unit.

Sure, the Mandrakes won’t be smashing Land Raiders anytime soon, but with some practice and some Pain Tokens, I feel they can perform and have something to contribute.

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