April 09, 2009

Spring cleaning....

You paint and you paint and you paint. Why? Cause we wanna play Warhammer! That is why!

I'm lucky to have a tiny spot to call my own and play host to what left of my gaming stuff in the garage. It's not the battle bunker, but it's mine. So after the long cold winter... today... with a day off and this funky yellow thing in the sky blindn' me all the while. I cleaned house. Just a bit more effort and it's game time. Can you find those tricksy Elves?I found this monster on my mess of a table. Forgot that i even painted him back in the fall. Funny thing is... cleaning up found 4 more kroot bodies. The frame for the conversion. All it would take is a $22 box of ghouls... a crap ton of green stuff and the Hrud would be finished. Too many ideas and so little money for toys....sigh.

On the lizard front we have the warriors. Now... i painted them like 2 years ago, but have spent the last day or so putting on the yellow highlights . Along with some detail work here and there... like the spines on their backs.

Each project i try to learn or try something that out side the comfort limit of my skills. Just one technique or extra step... so i can twist it in every direction and learn something. Hopefully incorporating it over to next project. Never be afraid to experiment,but remember mistakes will happen.

When it was the guard army...flesh tones. The most recent Eldar...how fast can i paint. Squid boy... up above...was an attempt at sculpting. The Lizard men... was and is still my attempt to paint a very bright scheme of color and bring my standard a just little higher. Once I get around to taking some photos of the rest of my armies....you'll understand.

Any ways this unit is most of the way done. The front rank needs cleaned up and some shields are in order. The last step i guess would be the bases and a movement tray. Never done that before... I mean a real one...not just a slab of card board.

To-nite.... scraping mold lines off my skinks...good times,

Still no signs of Avatar hair?!?

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