April 15, 2009

Game on...

I must apologize for my lack of posts, but over the past few days it has been slow going on the model front. Instead however, had the wonderful opportunity to play this game of 40k. My long time opponent know as Zealot (inter-web handle) has returned from a long time in the warp to bring back... Orks? Z's army is just top notch. Caching all the great detail that makes Orks 100% awesome! The yellow/black scheme is bold to say the least... and really stands out on the table. The army is not quite done yet. When it is... I'll try to do a proper write-up.

Not much to say about the battle then the Eldar just snuck in the win. With some great dice rolls in jammy moments.... The Avatar kills the War-boss outright in mass combat.... While the Wraith-Lord pops and explodes the Battle Wagon taking a few Loota's and Boys with it! I must admit there was little I could do to contain the Green Horde.

My Warp spiders and Dire Avenger were seen off in short order by the Koppta's with a little support from the Shoota's. My Avatar is destroyed and only 4 guardians live to claim the objective in my deployment zone. After being saved by the Scorpions. Meanwhile the Wave Serpent avoids the Nob in Shoota unit to contest the Orks objective in the last turn of the game.

If the game went on any longer, not to sure what would have happened as my loses were heavy. It was just a sweet game not matter what. As you can see in the pictures.... it looked mighty fine.

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