April 06, 2009

The end is near....

After reading the whole Reserves topic on BLoS I remembered this guy. Mr. Ilg at some point chopped off the ole' reaper head. Then swapped it out for the Swooping hawk exarch's helm. Very simple conversion that make for the 4th HQ. choice for a army I'll never play. Now it's on to a little experiment with the grav tanks. While I'm quite done with the eldar for the moment.... (Painted up almost 2,500 pts in 3 weeks) and my lizards are on deck. This has my mind all a jumble with something new for 40k, Or i could update guard, finish the hrud.

I wish GW. would hurry up with this rumored "Planet Killer." The city of death building kits are some good stuff and I'm just a little curious to see what they have in store.

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