April 13, 2009

Project jumble...New Focus

Was going to wait until i finished my lizards but, it seems with a twist of fate I will being play'n a lot 40k in the near future. On top of that... I have only played a half dozen or so games with the Dark Elves... so what the hurry. The old ones have waited for thousands of years...whats two more months?

That's how long it should take to put together a 1,500 Hrud army. I will be using the Demon codex and plan on posting up the army list soon. I want tweak it soon while scrouge'n up the Bits... for 10 more "Hrud" as seen. It's a kit bash with some green stuff and of course... painted. Already went and pick up the models for the rest of the army this weekend.... so now it down to some work.

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