April 08, 2011

Magnetized Space Marines Pt.2

For the time being this is it for the Marine project. I really wish they had some helmets, but that will have to wait. The only minor detail left is to drill out the barrel holes on the pistols.  I feel  pretty accomplished after the project. I’m little wiser about magnets without any major blood loss or inflicting damage to an important model. If the little buggers didn’t eat up so much time, I’d skip out on glue forever. Warning: Magnets are addictive. I keep trying to think of a fun magnet project besides boring Space Marines, but so far I got nothing.

However, before I can paint up one of these marines. There are a few loose ends with the Dark Eldar that need to be handled. After my last embarrassing defeat, I took a good look at my army and made a few adjustments. Then I spent most of yesterday building more Jet Bikes and a trio of Blaster wielding Trueborn.

These guys turn out better then I hope for when I started. They are made of Guardian legs, Wych torsos, and the Blasters are a cut apart Shredders with Blast pistols replacing the end of the barrel. They remind me of pissed off Fire dragons. Anyways, all they need now is Venom to cruise around in and they will be set to blow stuff up!

Edit #1. I fix the slider at the top of the blog. Now the pictures should open up to the larger images. The Headline banner now leads to different related posts.  If something is not working, please let me know. I thank you in advance.

Edit #2. The Pink One likes Snake Monsters... Tee Hee! 

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