October 02, 2010

Return to Mordheim pt.3

These are a bunch of photos of the triple-header of Mordheim, that I played last night against Mr. Watson's Beasts of Chaos. The foul horde took all three games with a unstoppable fury, that left the Rozenritter beaten up and bloody. The first one was a occupy 5 of the buildings to win. The speed of the Beast lent well to this type of objective, and they took total control of the board. The battle that followed left 3 of Spearmen dead and Walter Schepkoff  grievously wounded.

The second game was a Chance Encounter that gave the Rozenritter quite a bloody nose. The only shinning moment was when Oskar squared off against the vile Shaman. It was only a minor victory however, as the mercenaries lost the taste for battle soon after, leaving city to the Beastmen.

As luck would have it, The Rozenritters met up with a Elven Ranger, who shared the same hatred for Beast of Chaos. They join forces to face off against the Beast in a third and decisive showdown. The results were the same, as the Beast showed no mercy. In the end 8 of my warriors were out of the game, but all my luck rolled up at once, and every single one lived to tell the tale. Not the ranger though, he was killed for his trouble.

All I can say... More Mordheim, please!


Sex Toys said...

These all are the nice pictures as they all seem to be the nice games and the wooden work which is done over here is very amazing.

Larry said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like the table.