October 27, 2010

Imperial Guard Repaint

Its been a quiet week around the gaming table, so I took advantage of the slow time to sit down and paint up all my old 2nd Edition Cadians. 31 infantry in all, but I wanted something a little different then the standard green/tan paint scheme.

So, I busted out the old yellow ink and few of the washes. After laying down all the base colors, I added and unhealthy amount of Devlin Mud and called it a day. When everything was dry, I finished the bases. There are still 20 or so old Catachans to paint up, but they may take a little while. 


sonsoftaurus said...

They turned out really well, and I agree it's nice seeing the Cadians in a different scheme than traditional greens.

Larry said...

I didn't put a whole lot of quality time into the models, but they look great on the table.

zealot said...

great example of washes for amazing effect.