October 01, 2010

Return to Mordheim pt.2

Well, I can not help myself. Every time I play a game of Mordheim. My mind goes all crazy with more hobby ideas for the City of the Dammed. I'm starting wonder if the table will ever be finished?  These are just a few of the side projects that have been lying around, while I was busy painting up the Elves over the past month.

This tomb used to be part of my 40k collection, but I ripped off all the identifiable bitz. I also added more rubble and static grass to base to help blend in better with other pieces. It looks pretty cool for being an old paper cup dispenser.

Everybody seems to dig the original tree stand. So, I built a second one. I didn't have another dead tree but, so I left the center clean until I can add one. Wire trees are not that hard to make. They're just time consuming.

Finally, the Well or whatever you want to call it. It didn't turn out the way I thought it would, but overall, it gets the point across. My mistake was pouring all the glue at once instead of working in layers. With the stuff I just built and Temple from back in August. I'm half way to have a decent Warhammer table in addition to more terrain for the City of the Dammed.


Ken said...

The new scenery looks fantastic! Really looking forward to playing a few games on it, and soon!

Larry said...

Thank you sir, more games the better!