June 04, 2010

Warhammer Whining

Let’s see... the pictures of the Orky War-machines turned out rather poorly. So, I’m going to give it a second try latter on today.  Instead, I will use the Internet for it’s most divine and true purpose... to complain. Here’s my list for Warhammer the 8th Edition.

Where’s the “news” on the new starter set?
It may be my memory failing once again, but I swear, we had more concrete info when 40k was switching over.  We have all sorts of rumors, but  GW. is still holding out! Is there even a release date for the box? Where are my pictures of cool new minis?

As it stands, my two present armies are curse words in certain circles. I’d like to start a third one, so I can play a game with-out getting flack. Here's to hoping, that one of factions will be opponent friendly.

Where are my leaked rules?
This is what’s going to hurt 8th the most by chasing away old players. It is my opinion, that the leaked PDF for 40k 5th edition, gave everyone a long adjustment period to the new system. This time let everyone get comfortable with the new changes and kept the general interest during  the transition.

This time, all we have is rumors... solid ones, but the past few months of uncertainty  hurts the game. We should all be playing 7.5 right now, and trumpeting up momentum for the new edition.

Karl Franz doesn’t like waffles?!?!
I don't know if that is true or not, but it's fun to say.

That’s all I got. I’m looking  forward to the new edition, but I really do believe that they could have gone about it in a better fashion. If they want to copy the success of 40k? Games Workshop should  follow the same pattern that helped the game succeed.


Rhellion said...

Good post. I agree, and I'm sitting around wondering, "Why aren't they running demos of 8th yet"?

Larry said...

The Internetz claims that Gw’s Stores will be running Demos very soon.
Sadly, Ohio lacks a single one.
I guess, some of us will have to wait to July.

eriochrome said...

GW probably feel that they lost out on rulebook sales due to the overexposure of all the changes. We had a 5th ed apoc battle on the release day where most people were playing based off the rumors.

I did not even get the rulebook since I knew that Black Reach which I was going to get since it was a solid deal then had the mini one and I could live the few months without it. I got the WHFB starter box also for the last edition when it can out but did waste money later on the full rulebook (got it at Borders with 40% coupon).

Papa JJ said...

I've never understood GW's approach to their customers. It has always seemed to me like they go out of their way to keep us in the dark as much as possible. Tough to argue with their success but I still wonder if it's really the best way for them to promote their products.