June 01, 2010

"Epic" Resurrection

Hi.... everybody!

I got myself into a “little” project over the past week or two. So, I’d thought it be cool to post up some pictures of what I have been toiling over. Please understand, that I’m not painting this all up from scratch. This is just a kind of repair/refit and touch-up project. Most of this stuff was painted well over ten years ago, when the 3rd edition of the game was introduced.

Here for inaugural post is Zap-Nut’s War-band. This detachments is only foot slogging element in the whole Wagggh. For what it lack’s in mobility, it makes up for in ranged firepower. It’s a real Hodge-podge of different units, but it looks like a Ork horde.

The tiny boar boys are just too cool!

The only real tip I can give out is when painting tiny mini-minis is to keep the paint  thin.
Let me repeat myself, cause it will help you remember.
Very, very, thin.

Next time... Yarrgh’s Rokkit boyz!

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zealot said...

o nice, I think I remember you saying something about bustin this stuff out. guess it happened lol