June 08, 2010

Warhammer and Half

 Mr. Dan went got himself a huge ole’ army of hungry, hungry Ogres. Naturally, Mr. Dan wants to field his new toys, but he has never played Warhammer before. So, to learn the rules for 7th edition right now would be rather silly.

Instead, I dug up some of the major changes to new edition, and integrated them into the current rule set. Lots of stuff works different according to the rumors, so I kept it simple and just worked in the new 2d6 charge+move, striking at initiative, extra ranks/attacks, and +1 ScR. for charging. We also tried out the new fear/terror rules, but they didn’t have much effect on the game. Lizard folk are cold-blooded...'ya know.  

Just some random thoughts:

Depth of field.
I'm not sure, that I can properly express how the table feels now. That 24" between armies is not what it used to be. The long walk across the board for most units has turn into a very shallow battlefield. My normal plan of “March everything” would have put my units inside the new threat range from the starting line. After the 1st turns had passed the possibilities for a charge was everywhere. All you needed is some lucky dice to get the big jump. Some of the more shooty armies are going to lose a round of fire, but it’s rumored that they get to fire in 2 ranks, so maybe it will balance out.

Random Charges.
Well, I can tell you it sucks to roll “double 1” for your charge roll. What would have been a normally been a charge for my Stegga-hero fell short thanks to the dice. This left him open to a counter-charge the next round, and being chased around the rest of the game. I can’t say how I really feel about the subject  yet, as we’re using some hybrid-rules and having a friendly game.  

Dice were flying everywhere and it made combat very bloody. It felt like more the unit was participating in the fight. More attacks, mean more wounds, but you have to remember this a game of chance. Dice will still roll crappy no matter how many you roll. We had a few tied combats settled by the musicians and roll offs. My warrior are slow, so very slow. I may as well get comfortable to the idea of always striking last.

Mr. Dan said he had a good time, and for a 1st game that's a must. I’m just amazed to see how just a few changes made the game feel entirely different.

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