January 10, 2010

Plans for the Year 2010

I saw a few of these around and I guess I'm ready to put one up myself.

State of my projects:
Adeptus Mechanicus 1500 pts complete!

Wood Elves 1800 pts complete!

Space Hulk 3 Terminators and 1 genestealer are complete as of now.

Knight Titan (1 of 3) started.

I also have started construction on an Exodite Army project. So far I have one jetbike assembled and counts-as Wraithlord that needs a bit of green-stuff and someone to ride in the canopy on his back.

This year I'll be sure to build and paint an additional 500 points of Mechanicus for my 'guard' army, as well as 200 points for my WE. (a fitting 2000 points of each) I've sold armies on E-Bay for years and I am keeping these.

As far as Space Hulk goes, I will painting the models to high standard and tossing the whole box on E-Bay (with Battlefoam). I don't have a need for it right now and it's taking up space in my life. (and GW announced it's not going to be 'limited', like they originally said it would be.)

I will construct and paint the Exodites that I've purchased and then make a decision on whether or not they will be sold.

I will also finish construction/painting on my Knight Titan and hopefully get going on his brothers-in-arms.

Also, looking back on my 21 posts and 20-odd followers, I want to say thanks for checking out what I do. I'd also like to invite you all to comment a bit more. :)


NemFX said...

I am commenting.

Games stores are a tricky business. You have to make sure you can get people to stay and play if you want to stay in business long. Also, you'll really want to be the one that can supply them with the stuff they want. One of the games stores I used to frequent didn't order in anything specific. They went out of business. Also, I suggest you invest in air fresheners. Just saying.

zealot said...

The other stores around here do NOT keep any kind of decent stock of GW in. Other shops hosting magic tournaments are overflowing with players around here. (57 last Friday)

The tide is right. :)

Col. Corbane said...

Good luck with the store mate, you're a brave man for taking on a goal like that.

Admiral Drax said...

Quite - mind you, if you can make it work, a well-run and friendly gaming store is a thing of...er...beauty?

Love your painting.