January 03, 2010

Ambush on Ice-9. A Battle Report

We have not played a big game in a long time. The last few games against Mr. Watson were smaller affairs for the sakes of time constraints. This time around, we had a little more time to kill, so why not? For this match up, I took 2,000 points of my Orks VRS. Imperial Guard. It would be the first time for me to see that many guns in action.

I won the 1st turn and set up very aggressively. If it took longer then a round or two to get into combat the Orks were cooked. After it was all said and done, what was a pitched battle, looked like a very carefully trap, and my army running right into it.

Everything in the Green tide moved up, but the large mob of Shoota boys, and the Loota's. My Flying jet-bikes manage to get the jump on the pair of transports. Followed by the Mega Nobz, and Truck boys on the wide flank. My Nob Bikers ran away from the steel wall of Russ tanks, and the Storm boys set after the evil Hell Hound.

The Ogryns moved forward to intercept the speeding bikes and the rest of the Imperial Guard made the necessary adjustments to open up targeting lanes. I don't remember much of the that shooting phase. I'm still under shell shock form the number of template and endless las-gun fire.

The Storm boys got flamed by the Hell hound. My Shoota mob suffered under sniper fire and mortar shells. The pair of Kopters were shown off the board by Multi lasers from the Chimeras. My bit of luck was the plasma toting storm-trooper hiding in the building missed my Dread.

I had to get into combat fast, or the next round of fire would end the game for sure. War-Boss and company ran to meet the ab-humans, with the Dread chasing after them. The Trucks on the flanks engaged troublesome transports. The mad charge by storm boys came to an end when they crashed into the flame tank. The sheer mass of the mob also made contact with a nearby Sentinel.

My Mega Nobz cracked opened the lead Chimera, spilling out the unit inside. Not be shown up the Truck Boyz trashed the lone walker. My bit of bad luck for the turn showed up as the Storm Boys only tore off the weapon the walker. The Nob in the unit missed every attack on the flame tank. Both units of Loota's did nothing, and things were starting to look bleak. The War boss and the Dread did the job a little too good. The Ogyrns quickly disappeared in a fury of Choppas. This left both units out in the open for counter fire.

I don't have very many pictures towards the mid game. I was too busy scraping my army off the board from the Maelstrom of templates that followed. The free Chimera busted out of the death trap surrounding it, and headed right for my deployment zone.

The Hell Hound left the Sentinel to the storm boys. As the close by penal legion attempted to save the damaged walker.

The storm battered my biker Nobz into nothingness. Leaving only the War-Boss and pair of wounded cronies. In the near ruins, the Storm troopers finally figured out the "on" button, and zapped the dread into slag. The Loota's were burnt to ashes. While the large boys mob took a beating again from the mortars, and the damn Rats hiding far away.

The exposed Veterans ran to claim revenge the fallen walker,charging and pommeling the Truck Boys.
At this point I'm just going to finish out with how my Mega-Knobs managed to sprint across the table and make the game interesting. The Rest of the army was falling part as War boss met his end at the hands of the Lord Commissar leading the army. The great green hope showed the guard the business end of their Kustom Schorcas and blasted the escaping Veteran squad.

For once the Guard were out of position and only I lost one to the next round of counter fire.The dice were kind, as they tore after the mortar team giving my boys grief all game. With a Waaggh! and some Power Klaws, the Nobs put a end to guns. The bonus movement was big, and brought them ever closer to his objective. This time they were more exposed, taking heavy loses, in return for the gain in ground. Once more the Commissar Lord rose up with the defenders to fight the Megas off in the final turn before time ran out. In the last round the Chimera and running Penal Legion secured my side of the board.

It was a solid game. The Boys were in it till the very end, but it was painfully clear that might of the Guard had won the day. If I had to play it over again? All I had to do was put the large infantry mob in reserve. Instead of letting them get beat up the whole time. That would have at least put up a speed bump on my objective at the end. Such a little thing, so very simple, could have change to whole ending of the game, or at least got me the Draw. Ah... well there is always next time!

Thanks goes out to Mr. Z. for lett'n me babysit his Ice table.

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Knight Of Ultra said...

Hard luck man but still it was good fun to read.