January 01, 2010

Battle for the New Year! (1800 WE vs LM)

Check out these pics from our game last night! It was pretty fun with a little craziness abounding. Larry pulled off a well-deserved win with multiple devastating comet spells; one of them popped @ the bottom of the first turn.. (it incinerated 7/10 glade guard and made the other 3 run!)

My forest dragon did pretty well but I think I'm going to invest in Oaken Armour so my Highborn stops dying so much. I can't complain though, Larry skillfully rolled 11(!) impact hits on a flank charge and my High Noble took quite a few of them and died before combat that round. Guess I'll watch out for that from now on..

Overrall I was pretty happy with how much I did manage to kill despite a few devastating magic phases from Larry. His war of attrition approach to the game ended up working out for him. With so many bodies it was hard for me to really dent his force. Cold-blooded worked to his advantage quite a few times.

You might see a few units pictured that I haven't featured in their own posts yet. I decided to make a cheap DIY lightbox and haven't gotten around to it yet. Expect higher quality pics soon!

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