March 11, 2009

This is only a test...

Well after months of hard painting and long nights. I got to play my first 1,000 Point game of Warhammer. If you must ask... yes, it was good. For me I don't get to play often so such a thing must be savored and enjoyed. This was a practice game and just to feel the rules out. If i had to grade myself... I get an F-. It was only a test.

First, lets get the facts out of the way. I lost.

It was tough fight but due to some key mental errors on half gave the game to my canny and long time Arch foe... Mr. Ilg and his evil and tricksy Elves. Kudos to him and his win. Here's just a few shot of the games set-up and progress.

Key Thoughts.

1. Charge Arcs. Warhammer is not 40k. I must remember this at all times. I lost out on charge with my cold ones during the 2nd turn. If I don't get a handle on this... I might as well go back and hop in my War truck.

2. Support Charges. To win a combat in a single turn never count on just a unit for pull it off. I need to coordinate better during deployment and 1st turn Advance. No extra dice like in 40k. What you get in is on the profile. So...know your odds. Dryads are Evil and mean. They need to be teamed up on to be taken down.

3. Learn to pass Stupidity test. I'm not sure how this going to happen but it must. Pray to the Dice Gods, increase my Mojo, get some Karma. I don't care how many old ladies I must help cross the street! What ever it takes.... I had the advantage and a few dumb-@$$'s cost me the game. Stalling out my middle till the Third turn of the game- Lazy Lions- was the nail the in coffin.

Overall this was a great learning experience for the both of us. With all the paint on the board the game was awesome either way!The one rule to winning a game, remembering your stuff. Time for reinforcements and pull out all them arrows. Ouch!

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