January 11, 2011

1k. Dark Eldar Army Finshed

·         10 Dark Eldar Warriors
·         Blaster
·         Splinter Cannon
·         Raider
·         Flicker Field
·         Splinter Racks
·         Total:
·         Unit total: 195

 3 Units cost: 585
·         9 Wychs
·         Shard-net
·         Hecatrix
·         Agonizer
.         Blast Pistol
·         Grenade Launcher
·         Raider
·         Flicker Field
·         Unit cost: 225
·         Ravager
·         Flicker field
·         Total cost: 125
·         Homunculus
·         Venom blade
·         Liquefier gun
·         Total cost: 65

Army cost: 1000 Points

That's it folks! Sorry, the pictures aren't the greatest, but its damn cold in the garage!

I made the first post around the end of November and now just a few months later. We have Ze' painted army.  Over the past two weeks, it's been awful hard to keep the brush moving, but I managed somehow to see the project to the very end or at least until the next wave of toys hits.....

Anyways, if ya' see any glaring errors in the list?

Feel free to leave a comment and help save me some embarrassment at the table.
It's time to play the feud....


Rob said...
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Rob said...

These guys look really cool! Always nice to hit a milestone and get a fully painted force ready for the table. Especially red DE :D

From a list perspective, I ran a Haemonculi with my Wyches for a while. In the end I decided the lack of fleet to get them into combat wasn't really worth the pain token, so I switched to a succubus. Something to consider :)

Tristan said...

Excellent work on the accomplishment and I think the army looks great but especially like how you reversed the colours for the wych squad - I bet they really pop when seen with the whole army. Great job!

Ken said...

They look phenomenal! The new models are spectacular, and your paint scheme is terrific. I look forward to bashing one out against the pain-bringers.

Larry said...

Thanks gang, like all projects it was allot of work, but after it's done, the effort is all worth it.

@ Rob: Yer' right about the whole fleet thing, but I'm going to have to play few games to see how it works out. The list originally had a succubus, but i switched her out for the flesh-smith.

@ Tristan: Thanks man, you always have something positive to say on all my post here. So, Thank you sir, thanks a bunches.

@ Ken: We need to roll some dice!

zealot said...

frickin sweet.

you sir are successful at this hobby.

eldaraddict said...

The army has a great look to it, very cohesive. Keep up the great work. I am jealous that they are all complete.