December 04, 2010

Even more Dark Eldar Warriors

Its been another quiet week around the painting table. My time spent finishing the other half of Warriors from the last post. The work on all ten near is completion and soon the unit will been done! 

I went with the Blaster and Splinter Cannon combo that seems so popular these days. I also skipped out on the squad leader at this time. The list is only 1,000 points. Its better to get bodies instead of upgrades when it comes to the smaller games.   

These ladies are still in need of attention, but I'm rather pleased with the progress so far. I'm also hoping to snag my first Raider later this week. I'm way too excited to get my hands on that kit, but at the same time, I'm a little nervous to see how the paint scheme will play out on the model.


Equinox said...

I have been considering a similar color scheme and must admit now that I have seen yours I am sold on it.

Larry said...

Its allot more fun to paint then the same ole' jade and black scheme that the De are normally painted.