July 15, 2010

Mordheim rebuilt pt. 8

 I have been taking it kinda’ easy over the past few days. Still haven’t played a game yet, but I’m hoping that will change sometime soon. My Warband is finally painted up and ready to plunder the depths of the Mordhiem. I present to you, The Rozenritter, soon to be the most feared named in all the city.

I’m still a little torn over to use them as Reiklanders or the Marienburg. It really doesn’t matter much, cause it looks like I’ll be the only mercenary band, for some reason the Skaven seem to be a popular choice. The Undead and Chaos rounding out the rest of the choices.

The Warriors of the Rozenritter.

The Heroes of the  Rozenritter

Left to right: Neidhardt Müller,  Fritz Josef Bittenfeld,  Walter von Schenkopp, Oskar von Reuenthal, and Wolfgang Mittermeyer.

The next time, I should have some more terrain to show off.

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