July 03, 2010

Mordheim rebuilt pt. 6

Well, I was right about one thing, it's taking a long time. Something else, dawn on me while painting away on the ruins. This is one of those projects that you can just paint on forever, and never be done. However, I must confess that it's been fun to paint up such big models compared to the regular toy solider.

So far, I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out. I finally manage to dig up a rulebook, and have been poking my nose in the color sections for inspiration. Its  giving me bad ideas for bigger buildings that will take shape in the near future.

Once again, Thanks for all the great feedback from everybody. I really appreciate all the comments on my otherwise quiet blog.


zealot said...

lolol no fucking WAY

Larry said...

Oh, just wait a day or so, it will get even better.

Anonymous said...

Its been really cool watching this town develop. Cheers for sharing - some good ideas in there to be borrowed.