February 25, 2010

'counts-as' Waywatchers Pics

Well, this is the only 'free' unit I've ever been able to squeeze out plastic kits so I'm thinking this idea might take off a little bit for a few of you. I really like all the the little forest-spirits that come extra with the WE plastics, and decided I'd try to use them as some sort of unit.

The Wood Elf army book describes and portrays many different guardians of the forest and obviously doesn't really encompass all of them so I decided to take the 'roots attack!' theme from the Treeman and apply it over to some little sniper-esque spirit guys. Lucky for me, GW even included the roots on the sprue. I added a Forest Dragon tusk to one of the bases to suggest that perhaps the spirits are defending the sacred ground where an Elder Dragon took his final breath and left his body behind for the fertility of Athel Loren.

Picture courtesy Timothy Smith Photo


noeste said...

Great idea, and looking good! I for sure wouldn't mind!

Adam said...

Do you think you could share a more exact guide of your colour scheme, because that would be greatly appreciated by me. I have tried painting it several times already but i always get it to dark or to light, so if would like to share your colour scheme to a novice. Thanks on beforehand. ;)

zealot said...

Hey Adam, not a problem. The little guys are actually drybrushed white and then painted with Games Workshop's 'Thraka' Green wash to give them that glowy green effect. I used leviathan purple wash on the left side of the models and some gryphonne sepia wash on the right. (painted on the raised areas, where light would catch) This creates the left/right feel that adds to the 3d effect of the model.

The wings are dry-brushed white on the back and you should pick out the edges on the front. They are painted Ice Blue (citadel color) around the edges and the tan/purple effect is also just washes. Gryphonne sepia on the left wing and Leviathan purple on the right wings.

The stones are painted similarly to the wings, except I dry-brushed those grey first.

Hope that wasn't too long-winded and actually helps. :)

Adam said...

Thanks a lot for giving me some information on how to paint the spites. And i think you have chosen an overall very good colour scheme for your army, it looks rally tied together and i like it when it's not to bright. Keep up the goodwork.

zealot said...

Thanks, Adam! Glad you found the tutorial useful.

rpthomps1111 said...

I agree with Adam, very inspirational. Thanks for the tips!


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