February 27, 2010

Tyranid Revamp Pt. 1

Let me tell a little a story, I've been in a big ole' painting funk over the past few months. It's natural to take breaks from time to time. Never had one last this long though...

The New Nid Codex is blame.

My disliked for the book is so strong. I went to all the trouble to take the entire army to a local E-bay store. After whole week, the goons never listed the army. So, I took the horde back home.

After some thought, my old bugs are sitting in two camps. One set makes up my new 1k. army list. The other half will be going up on the chopping block, to help fund the army in the near future. As I have a very limited budget right now, some of the old models, went under the knife to help fill in some gaps.

My old Warriors have been transformed into Cheesy Gun-beasts. These guys and the brain bugs are the only real answer to the tank theme that is occurring in 5th edition. Well that's all for right now, the next project is to is find a way to make a Tervigon, out of a old Carnifex.

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