August 25, 2009

Pictures: A Valkyrie, two Chimeras, and a game

Blogging is on my to-do list so I decided to share a few pictures with my readers today. First up is a Valkyrie w/MRP's and a pair of Chimeras I did a while back. The doors, hatches, and heavy bolter turrets are all still movable and I did paint the inside, though I show no proof of it. :) Freehanding checkers is a blast if no one's told you.

Next, I have a few pictures of my latest 1,000 pt game vs. Larry (of 'Paint Your Toys' fame.) The squad behind the Chimera is my counts-as Colonel Straken w/Officer of the Fleet. Everyone else in the squad has laspistol/ccw.

Also, I made the FTW Tuesday Top 10 with my 40k tokens. It's definately worth checking if you aren't familiar with it.


Ryan said...

Very nice models!

oni said...

Cool. The checkered pattern on the Valk looks very nice.

Chi3f said...

Nice models.

The Valk reminds me of the Ork Bombas haha. I really like this paint scheme.

Chi3f @