August 28, 2009

Painters block...

The blog has been a little neglected of the past month or so due to life and wonderful stress that it is... so it goes. However, I've been slowly working on my lizard-men army until can figure out what 40k project is next. I should be a good Hobbyist and finish my Hrud army. I could have all the detail and basing done in a week. If I could only get motivated... I will say one thing, the temple guard models are some the most detailed plastic kits, I've ever painted. Straps, Shrunken heads, and spikes everywhere. I've got all the base coats down. It's just a matter of the clean up work.

1 comment:

zealot said...

I'm the guy that gets to play against multiple stegadons yayyy

lookin good tho - gawd i love that model