March 04, 2010

The Tau Test.

Here's a few pictures from a little side project I have going on. Some time in the near future, after the bug revamp, I'd like to put together a little 1k Tau army. I'm aware that the little blue berries aren't the most competitive army in 5th. Edition, but that's never stopped me from building an army before.

Every body's doing that cool reflective light source thing. So, I'd thought that I'd give it a try. After the experiment, I'm left a little...Meh.

1 comment:

zealot said...

I like the first light-source the best. I highlight the very edges of stuff with white before I go over it with green if that helps at all. Just a tiny bit more subtle and you've nailed it.

That being said the 'explosive' looking drone pozes are fricking fantastic! I can just imagine them clunking along all crazy.