February 11, 2009

Tutorial: Falcon Construction

Now that I'm building my eldar army up again I decided I'd post a little tutorial about constructing an Eldar Falcon the right way; with working hatches, moving weapons, and a back hatch that opens.

To start, you'll need to construct the driver and gunner. Glue them in place and paint them before you do anything else.

Construct the gunner's cockpit and put the canopy on before gluing him in place. Make sure you glue around the sides or front so that you don't accidentally tag the moving the joint with glue.

When constructing the bottom part of the falcon make sure to keep glue away from the hinge on the hatch. Paint the engine intake, the inside of the falcon, and the hatch now. I kept it simple and only did the metal parts.

Finish gluing the model together. Make sure you glue the little plug that the turret sits on to the underside of the top plate before you make the final move.

Here's the final model before painting. Eldar falcons are on the tougher end of the modeling spectrum so take it slow and hopefully you'll end up with the results you intended. I hope that you found this guide useful.


Peter said...

although not planning a falcon in my force, I'm sure this will be useful for my wave serpents, thanks buddy

zealot said...

not a prob peter, I'm glad you found it useful!