August 02, 2012

Eldar Warlock WiP.

Okay, it’s almost Friday and I’ve found some time to take a picture of Warlock that I have been painting on for the past week. Just something that’s been lying around for a while and deserved a little attention.

It's about half done and I wasn’t trying to do anything fancy. My palette is very limited until I can get some new paints. Most of them did not survive the long and extended break. This may be blessing as GW went and redid the whole line again from what I understand.

Anyone have some feedback on what these new paints are like? Are the pots different from the last set or did the stick with old ones? The new ones seemed to aimed at people who hate mixing paint and most of line is just repeated shades and tones of the primary set. Are the washes still the same? I’d be a sad Larry if they were different. 

 Any insight would be helpful; I’ve never strayed outside of Apple Barrel and Games workshops paints and wonder if this would be a good time to make a switch.  Any recommendations for an outside company would be great otherwise I’ve got some research ahead of me.


Unknown said...

They nearly doubled the size of the range, so in theory its even better for those us who don't like mixing. I have yet to try them out yet though. Here's a handy conversion chart for roughly equivalent colors from the old line:

sonsoftaurus said...

There are some good reviews out there, but sorry don't have links handy.

I've used some of the new washes (black and earthshade) and they seemed fine. I do want to get some Secret Weapon washes though, everyone says those are the bomb.