February 28, 2011

Dark Eldar Ravager Painted

I had some free time over the weekend and I had already assembled the model. So, I proceed to set my paint brushes on "Insane". 4 hours later.... we have Ze' painted Ravager. Instead of gluing everything down on the last one. I left it in separate components and that made the job go allot quicker. It also helped, that this was the 6th Raider chassis I've painted for the army. So, I guess a little repetition is a good thing sometimes.

However, this is the last thing I'm painting for the army until the next wave. As it stands, the army is sitting a 1.5k. and I don't see the point of expanding it any further. Ya' know what would be really keen right about now?  A few Venoms or a evil airplane, but all that is going to have to wait until the summer. (Lousy G.W.)

Anyways, do not fear, the painting madness will continue. I've been thinking some terrain kits are in order. I need to spruce up my 40k table a bit. Oh, and I changed my blog template, I wanted to test my patience and inexperience with the HTML code. Not everything is the way it should be yet, but I'm learning and that's kinda the point.

February 25, 2011

Hellions: WiP.

This past week was my Daughter's 15th. Birthday, so understandably my painting time was a little less than usual. 

I tried not to let the time go waste and focused it on the unit of Hellions. Neat models but are they incredibly fiddly and annoying. I still have to work on the riders and put some markings on the sky-boards but that shouldn't take very long.   Once that's done, the only unit remaining is a second Ravager to round out the army list to a solid 1.5k.

If I could find the energy and motivation to finish out this last vehicle...

February 17, 2011

Dark Eldar Reavers

Well, all I can say is they are done. It’s a really neat model kit but the price makes amassing a huge unit unfeasible.  This new ball joint on the flying stands is nice change from the old one. After a few coats of paint the bikers sit on the stand with little or no problems. I can’t say that for the Hellions.  So, now they are painted what to do with them?

The Internet makes it sound so easy, but I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that it’s going to take a lot of trial and error to use this unit properly.  I’m not expecting great things from my bikers; I just want to get the maximum effect. Next up on the painting table... Hellions. 

February 15, 2011

Homunculi. Is there anything they can't do?

This is just a quick post. The fact is that I don’t have much to show off this time around.  I’ve been feverishly working on the trio of Jet bikes and the same time painted up this second homunculus. These two maybe the only remaining models from the original range and did they have the mold lines to prove it.  I also touched up the first homunculus.  Now they both look reasonably sinister.

Since, you get up to three for a single HQ choice, down the road I’ll have to grab a third one. Right now, I have them riding in my Warrior units until I can put some Trueborn models together.  They rate pretty high in my book. They remind me of  MacGyver as they seem to have an answer for everything.  Both of mine use the venom blade and liquefier gun set up. For the cost and the pain token it’s well worth it.

On a side note: Does anyone have a strong opinions on Baron Shazz-butts or whatever his name is? The guy who rides the sky board, gets the chicks, and the +1 to deployment roll. I keep seesawing between him and The Duke, but I can't decide.

February 13, 2011

What to do about Mandrakes?

In last weekend’s post, I mentioned something about Jet Bikes, but the local stores were not cooperating. Unfortunately, I could only snag one box of bikes because that’s all they had in stock.  After that little set back, I decided to paint something else.  This week’s efforts yielded the Mandrakes.

Like most of community, I've pondering the overall worth of this unit. Even if they aren’t outstanding on the table, they do add the element of paranoia that all outflanking units do.There is always that risk of the maneuver backfiring, but the enemy should be scrambling after the Portal comes into effect. Mandrakes seem like a unit of opportunity. Taking advantage of weak deployments, disrupting strong zones or helping out with your own aggressive set-up; these are the strengths of the unit.

Sure, the Mandrakes won’t be smashing Land Raiders anytime soon, but with some practice and some Pain Tokens, I feel they can perform and have something to contribute.

February 05, 2011

Random Pictures & Random Thoughts

Please accept my most humble apologies for the lack of updates. I took the month of January off after all that work on the Dark Eldar. I was a little burned out and the battery needed to be recharged (Too much Anime) before anymore projects.  Well, break time is over and it’s time to get the brushes moving again.The Internet is quietly rumbling about the next wave Dark Eldar.

So, I think it’s time to head back the Dark City and finish out the army. All signs point to Mordheim in the spring and the countdown has started

The pictures in this post are from the only two games, I’ve played with my evil elves.  We’ll say… the games; they didn’t quite go the way that I planned. Instead, I’ll just chalk them up as learning experiences. To be honest, not only did I lose both games, but I lost them both in a most spectacular fashion. 

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right!” That’s also includes losing. 

Now I didn’t just lose these games and then go cry big tears of shame into my 40k pillow.  No, I’d rather lose the next 20 games. In the agony of defeat, I usually gain a better understanding for the smaller details of the game.  Perspective can be an incredible tool when used properly.  Sure, the sunny side of victory is great, but my focus now is on learning.  

On the side of Table top Tactics, I need to use my mobility better and quit splitting up the army.  My speed will insure that I can isolate and overwhelm sections of my opponent’s defense.  Using the army in force, will give me the firepower needed to destroy any chosen target. Also this allows me to start layering my Raiders for cover saves, instead of relying on the table.  Once I stop using the table as a safety net, I will have the freedom to start attacking and take control of the game.  

The other side of the coin is my lacking of disruption units.  As it stands now, all my units are equally threatening, or at least that’s the way I see it. Now, that’s not completely bad, but it never hurt to have a throw away unit.  The Jet bikes fall into this category.  I’m leaning toward the bikes for 2 reasons, melta-guns and the bikes ability to move 36” in a single turn.

I’ll pass on the upgrades and go with 6 and pair of Heat lances for a reasonable 156 points. Add one more Ravager and I’m almost up to 300 points in my next block of 500. Anyways, hopefully I grab some bikes here next week, and have something to post towards the weekend. If I get the chance to sneak in a game, I’ll let know how turns out.